Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away... (And don't come back!)

Chloe started Nursery today, which was exciting (and very scary), where have the last 3 and a half years gone?! She went with no fuss and no tears which I'm quite grateful for as I feared I would have become a blubbering mess if she had! She seems to have had a great time and its done me good to have some time to myself, even though I spent all that time cleaning!

The downside to this whole nursery business is that to get to nursery I have a 20 minute walk there, drop Chloe off and a 20 minute walk back. Which of course is repeated when I have to pick her up again. She only goes for a 2 and a half hour session so it's been a really tiring day.

I got soaked on the way home and I've just been constantly cold since I got in : ( It feels like summer has just disappeared, and that makes me really sad because I love the sunshine.

So in order to try and preserve it, I rustled up some Mediterranean style Lemon and Honey Chicken. It's loosely based on a Rachel Allen recipe and it's so quick and simple.

I had about half a glass of white wine sitting around so I poured it into my roasting tray, placed some chicken thighs on top, poured over the juice of one lemon mixed with 2tbsps honey and added the lemon halves to the tray, added a sprinkle of rosemary, seasoned it and chucked it in the oven at 180c for 45mins until nice and golden. I served it with rice and the reduced pan juices.

Granted it's not the most beautiful looking dish but it was a hit with the family and I love it because I hardly had to put any work in at all. The chicken was so juicy and I didn't mind the fact that it was chicken thighs rather than breasts at all. Delicious!

Well I think I'm going to curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch Nigella Express : )


Beth said...

I made this Rachell Allen recipe a while back and I loved it (and hubby and baby daughter too!)

Joie de vivre said...

My sons would love this chicken recipe! I never make it for some reason...hmmm. I'll surprise them with it next week!

Nina Timm said...

My daughter's name is Chloe too. She is 7 and loves to cook with mom. Glad I could meet you through the Blogroll.