Sunday, 16 November 2008


I'll get straight to the point...


Yes, that's little old me up there with the goddess herself, and it would've been a nicer picture had the stupid woman not taken the picture when I wasn't looking... I HATE having my photo taken!

As I mentioned yesterday I went to the BBC Good Food Show today and I met Nigella :-D And she signed my book so Ner Ner Na Ner Ner!

It was all a bit of a blur, I was so awfully starstruck and that along with the fact that they hurry you along so quickly meant that I can hardly remember it at all. I just remember seeing her smiling at me and my brain kind of went to mush and I grinned and just about managed to say "It's lovely to meet you" before shuffling out of the signing area with my book clutched to my chest.

I had also booked a Food Icons session so I got to watch Nigella before I found out there was going to be a signing. We sat in a small theatre to watch Nigella talk, answer questions from the audience and do a demonstration of her Edible Christmas Tree Decorations.

She's even more stunning in person and I think the camera must definitely add 10lbs as she's tiny! Nigella was so lovely and warm and she was just exactly how I imagined she would be. I feel like a really lucky girl to have met the woman I admire and that has inspired me so much : )

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

We'll Start At The Very Beginning...

Well hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Hayley and I'm a self confessed cooking disaster. Its mostly a case of mix it together, bung it in the oven and hope for the best! I'm not a great cook but I LOVE to cook. But it hasn't always been like that.

I gave birth to my daughter at 17 and moved out into my own flat shortly after so I had to make do with the simple things that I could cook, just to feed my family. It was usually my 'and chips' special, a stir-in sauce or ready meal. My partner had grown up with huge hearty british dinners and so was quite obviously unimpressed by my efforts. I used to love baking with my mum when I was little and I did 3 years of Food Technology at school which I enjoyed, but I never had a real desire to learn to cook, until a year ago...

It all started when I watched Nigella Express, I was dazzled by the technicolour Le Creuset and fairy lights and I was hooked. There is something truly enchanting about Nigella Lawson and the way she makes cooking so appealing. So I bought Nigella Express and threw myself into learning to cook. Believe me from then on it got pretty ugly, but gradually I've got better and better to the point where I can deservedly call myself a cook (rather than a serial burner!)

So a year on, and I'm constantly cooking, flicking through cookbooks (I have close to 50 now! Yes I know its a lot, but it's like pairs of shoes, a girl can never have too many!) and dreaming up what I'm going to cook next. Believe me I'm no expert and even now it's still hit and miss as to whether it's going to be delicious or disgusting, but I'm passionate and I get a real sense of achievement when I turn out my beautifully risen muffins and find that the bottoms aren't raw : )

So welcome to Away With The Fairycakes, where you can follow my culinary triumphs and disasters, warts (well, burnt disasters) and all!

I hope you'll come back and read again,

Hayley x